Friday, April 29, 2011

Engagement Session

Juan and Susy

Being engaged and planning a wedding makes for a very stressful and exciting time in a couple’s life. I have been there. All the planning, the registering, the envelope licking... did I mention the planning? Somehow it all turns life into a roller coaster. Simply put, being engaged is nothing short of a beautiful mess. This is why I enjoy doing engagements shoots. I get to work with two people that are crazy in love,  just about the happiest they have ever been and have nothing but hope for their future together (plus they may have recently realized how many presents they are getting). As you can imagine, to the engaged couple’s benefit, this all translates nicely to great photographs. 
In conclusion, apart from my views and experiences with the engaged, I would like to impart some sage wisdom to them in the form of ingredients to a successful engagement:

1. Future grooms, She is not as lucky as you are; behave and let her do the deciding. All you need to do is what she asks you to.
2. Future brides, All you need to know is that you are not as lucky as he is but hey, it’s your day.
3. Have fun and know that life gets even better.
4. ...Oh, and don’t forget to hire a good photographer :).


Congrats Juan and Susy!