About Me

I am a photographer who loves to capture images of nature, people, and fine art. My passion for photography allows me to express and share how I see the world. I grew up in Salt Lake City loving to explore and learn about the world around me. Looking through a view finder I strive to capture the colorful and vibrant world that surrounds us all.

My Story

My interest in photography began when I was handed my fist digital camera as a high school graduation gift. I was given this gift to document my upcoming senior trip and also the LDS mission of which I would leave for in 6 months from then.This Canon point and shoot camera was perfect for me, it not only took great images a the press of a button, but it also allowed my curiosity to expand as I found it would allow for me to control the out come of my images manually. Now out of school and with plenty of time on my hands, I started spending less time with one hand holding a video game controller and the other in an 8 pond bag of gummy bears (as I had previous planned to spend that summer), and more time outside exploring and playing with my new toy. 



Living in Panama I found myself surrounded by a very different world full of new culture and places that I hadn't even dreamed of while living back in Salt Lake City. It was a colorful, picturesque environment abounding deep jungles and large cities full of fascinating people and stories. Of course in a place such as this my love for photography only grew as I couldn't help but photograph the things that I saw during my adventures there..

 So there I was, a young boy, an exciting place, and a growing interest for photography. A combination such as this can only lead to one thing...A passion.

Most Recent Work

Returning home from Panama soon enough I got a job and started saving up for my first DSLR.  A few months later with a new tool that allowed even more functionality I began to capture images of whatever I found interesting (people, nature, fine art). I would not know what type of photography really interested and challenged me until recently since after I published my website I have been able to work with a lot of wonderful people shooting portrait photography. It has been really fun!

Although I cannot categorize myself as a certain type of photographer, I do very much enjoy portrait photography and I plan to continue pursuing it as well as many other forms of photography in the future. Currently I have some photography projects on the way so stay tuned.. Thanks for all of your support.